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    80 places for domestic refugees to stay

    We renovated two buidings in Kolomyya and Drohobych as part of our collaboration with BUR (Polish: “Budujemy Ukrainę Razem”, English: “We Build Ukraine Together”), which enabled the accommodation of 80 domestic refugees in Ukraine.
    One of our projects included support for internally displaced persons within Ukraine. We were awarded a Ministry of Foreign Affairs grant as part of the “Polska pomoc” (“Polish Help”) programme aimed at renovating homes for those who had to move to western Ukraine as a consequence of the war, and could not return to their war-damaged homes.
    As part of our collaboration with BUR as well as BUR-affiliated young Ukrainian volunteers, we helped renovate two buildings in Kolomyya and Drohobych, which enabled the accommodation of approximately 80 domestic refugees.

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