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    Help our efforts to support Ukraine

    Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Club of Catholic Intelligentsia (KIK) in Warsaw has been offering help to those particularly affected by the crisis. Thanks to our ongoing cooperation with Ukrainian NGOs since 2014, we are experienced in and capable of offering help.

    In our activities we build on our practice as a social organisation as well as on learning from our involvement in organising humanitarian and development aid in different regions of the world. Our strength lies in five decades of experience in the formation of young people and the leadership of youth groups.

    Currently, we mainly focus on supporting Ukrainian children and teenagers. We strive for the Polish and Ukrainian youth to come together. Since February 2022, nearly 3,000 children have received our help.







    Partners and sponsors

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    Zespół Ukraińskiej Akcji KIK
    Anita Szymborska - UA KIK Director
    Marta Ślizień - Financial Manager
    Olesia Kolisnyk - Project Coordinator
    Monika Łoskot - Project Coordinator
    Dorota Cichocka - Project Coordinator
    Our volunteers – MASTER WOLO
    Volunteers continuously collaborating with KIK UA

    Club of Catholic Intelligentsia (KIK)

    Club of Catholic Intelligentsia is an organisation founded in 1956. It gathers around 2,000 members whose objective is to encourage a spirit of service to the common good.
    KIK’s initiatives, apart from intellectual and spiritual formation, are pursued in four main areas:
    1. Humanitarian and development aid as well as other aid activities (projects funded by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by American USAID carried out in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine; humanitarian aid at the Poland-Belarus border);
    2. Education and upbringing (leading peer groups based on scouting-like rules for over 700 children and teenagers);
    3. Social initiatives in Poland (cooperation with minority groups in Poland; running the first Polish helpline for people sexually abused in Church);
    4. Development of the civil society in Eastern Europe (support for independent school system in Belarus, care for the children affected by the conflict in the East of Ukraine).

    Visit the official website:

    KIK’s engagement in helping Ukraine

    Since 2014 KIK has been particularly involved in helping the Ukrainian society. During the so-called Dignity Revolution (2014), KIK provided the protesters with specialist equipment for field hospitals, personal protective equipment and financial support, as well as support for the injured who were transported to Polish hospitals.
    For eight years KIK has been regularly organising therapeutic and leisure camps for children from the families affected by the war in Eastern Ukraine. Several hundred children and teenagers have benefited from them.
    KIK has also been running projects supporting young Ukrainian artists as well as specialist workshops for educators working with refugee families in Ukraine.
    Thanks to those initiatives, KIK developed a network of reliable partners in Ukraine. We have been cooperating with the Ukrainian Ministry of National Defence, local authorities and hospital management representatives. KIK members have received numerous awards from the Ukrainian and Polish authorities for their work.

    Support after the outbreak of war in Ukraine

    We have broad experience in providing aid to address verified needs. With the help of our Polish and foreign partners’ extensive knowledge and experience, and thanks to the help of our volunteers, since the very beginning of the Russian aggression in Ukraine, we have been committed to providing aid in all fields that appear as the most important at a particular time.
    At the beginning, our support focused on evacuating people from war-affected areas, providing humanitarian aid and addressing the refugees’ basic needs. Currently, our work focuses on all the aspects that we consider exceptionally important for the future of Ukraine, such as: providing education and care for children and teenagers, providing assistance to children going through the trauma of a loss of a parent, organising leisure activities for children and teenagers and helping domestic refugees in Ukraine.
    Thank you!