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  • Our volunteers – MASTER WOLO

    Joanna Cutts

    For the past 35 years, I have been studying what knowledge means and how it helps to live a fuller life. For 10 years I have been running a thinking studio for children and youth in Boston. Since the beginning of the large-scale war in Ukraine, in collaboration with KIK, I have been supporting young refugees from Ukraine. I both teach and learn from those whom I teach. I believe that by getting to know the world and ourselves, we look for the truth about the world and ourselves, and this very experience paves a trustworthy life path for us.

    Joanna Żółtowska

    I have been working with KIK for nearly 30 years and I owe a lot to this organisation. I am proud of KIK’s support for Ukrainian children and young people who have sought refuge in Poland as a consequence of the war in Ukraine. I do my best to contribute to this support, drawing on my extensive management experience in international companies.

    Paweł Wołowski

    A French philologist by education, I currently teach French at a high school. In the past, I worked as a journalist, a political analyst, a diplomat. I really enjoy the mountains and wandering, be it on foot, by bike, by canoe, or on skis, with my family and friends. I support KIK’s work for Ukraine. In summer 2023, together with Olaf Żylicz, I hosted a rafting and hiking camp for young people from Poland and Ukraine. We have stayed in touch ever since. I am married and I have three sons.

    Olaf Żylicz

    I am a psychologist and an expert in moral psychology and  business psychology. I have been involved with KIK for 50 years, where I was a group educator in the Families Section for 10 years. I am currently supporting the work of KIK for Ukraine by being directly involved in work with young people; in summer, together with Paweł Wołowski, I co-hosted a rafting camp down the Wda River for young people from Poland and Ukraine. I am a father of four children.